Osteopathic Treatments North London - Frozen Shoulder & Arthritis Prevention

The Knee

For the knee to work correctly is has to have the joint surfaces tight when supporting the bodies weight, otherwise pain develops and arthritis becomes a risk. The damaged painful knee does not work like this and develops “hotspots of wear.” In sports this explains why the large muscle on the inside of the knee, the vastus medialis, can waste so quickly, and explains how to reverse the effect quickly. At other times knee pain can be because of problems in the hip.

The Hip

Osteopath Specializes in sports injuries, back and neck pain, spinal problem, Arthritic ConditionThe hip also needs to be tight when taking the body’s weight otherwise hotspots of irritation, pain and potential arthritis can result. Martin explains why it happens and what to do.
The Spine and & scoliosis. Martins publications show why osteopathic treatment gives relief from pain. They also show why scoliosis (a bent spine) can develop by describing the exact mechanism and therefore how to stop scoliosis developing in the first place or alleviating it, or straightening it, once developed. It is important not to leave minor but unresolved trauma in the spine untreated.

The Shoulder and Frozen Shoulder

Osteopath Specializes in sports back and neck pain, spinal problem, Arthritic Condition, injury rehabilitationWhy Frozen Shoulder should develop might seem difficult to explain because other large joints in the body do not exhibit this very painful and debilitating condition. Martin’s publications explain what is probably the main reason why frozen shoulder develops and how to treat that distressing condition. They also describe how to treat other shoulder problems. It boils down to this: other joints in the body have a defensive, braking mechanism built into the nerve reflexes around a joint to protect them but the shoulder joint does not and means that simple normal activity, such as combing the hair when there is pain, causes more pain and inflammation and potentially frozen shoulder.

Arthritis and Prevention with Osteopathy

Martin has dealt with arthritis in general but concentrated on arthritic change in the hip. It indicated how to diagnose some aspects of its development and treat it, both mechanically (how the hip moves) and from a chemical aspect – local hormones which open up the blood vessels to the joints which allow self repair of the joint tissue.

He has also published a review of the impact of smoking in the developed world highlighting the 250 million out of 1.25 billion who will die due to smoking related diseases, how osteopathy has been used to treat the unusual development of scars after injury and the reasons why Osteopathy should become a profession located directly within the NHS and the GMC.

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